‘Product flexibility and quality.’

Focused to the designing and manufacturing of special gearboxes for various sectors, GPS Engineering offers its competence and experience, supported by the successful combination of a high operative flexibility and a high product quality, together with a complete before and after sale service, at low and competitive costs. This allowed GPS Engineering to become, in few years, a firm reference point in several fields.
Innovation and research are essential in order to be competitive. GPS engineering is now working in several directions, including testing of compact size technologically advanced gearboxes with reduced manufacturing costs.

GPS Engineering was given the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification, and can also rely on the cooperation of qualified and carefully selected suppliers sharing the same objectives: excellent quality and competitiveness.

Operating fields

GPS operates in all fields where the use of gearboxes is required, in particular:

• Sugar industry
• Iron and steel industry
• Rubber/plastic
• Food industry
• Cement factories
• Paper industry
• Wastes disposal

A gallery of our products.


From service to co-engineering

GPS Engineering combines standard maintenance activities with proposals aimed at offering to the customer advantages from the point of view of performances. In some cases, especially on old plants or on plants no more in operation, the scheduled maintenance intervention at the customer’s premises records “anomalies” that are not ascribable to normal wear. Thanks to advanced tools, GPS can propose solutions that go beyond a simple repair.


140 T gearboxes!

GPS manufactured a 140 T (weight) and 3,680,000 Nm (torque) special gearbox for a rolling stand. This was intended for replacement in an existing plant, with space restrictions (the dimensions of the gearbox are 4m x 5.5m x 3.1m), requiring the compliance with high performance needs and with the dimensional constraints of the existing line in the factory where the gearbox was installed.


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You can find here below an overview of GPS Engineering, an introduction to our structure, to the most important products in the field of special gearboxes. Please contact GPS Engineerins S.r.l. by calling +39 0331 465125 to discover all the company news, both about special gearboxes and the very innovative telemetric monitoring systems: you will be a welcome guest…

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