A highly skilled team gives complete worldwide assistance, from designing to after-sale services by means of focused endoscopic controls, vibrations analyses, dimensional surveys, maintenance.
GPS Engineering is also specialised in revamping interventions aimed at inspecting and rebuilding the gearboxes and the toothed wheels in order to restore the initial potential of the worn out product (manufactured by us or by other manufacturers).
GPS has always been engaged in experimental activities. Among the project under development, there is the “Stress Box” monitoring system, that records all the factors affecting the gearboxes correct operation, thus allowing to intervene in advance in case of anomalies.
  • An external view of the factory in Legnano
  • A 35000 Kg gearbox, drive for a rolling mill for forged rings
  • View on some cases ready for installation of the transmission parts
  • An internal view of the factory and of the assembly area
  • A 25000 Kg gearbox for rolling mill reel

‘Very special… gearboxes’


ighly qualified in the designing and manufacturing of special gearboxes for many different market sectors, G.P.S. Engineering has such a know-how and an experience to be able to place at the customer’s disposal a complete before and after sale assistance at particularly low costs.

The reference list, reflecting years of activities, is a proof of the efficiency of a company conceived to be dynamic and flexible, structured to meet the most demanding market needs. The continuous and constant updating allows to develop projects within particularly short times and to achieve a high quality standard. This is the main aim of the policy both of the company and of the Cangialeoni Group of which GPS Engineering is an integral part.

GPS, 15 years of success

The fundamental stages that marked the work of GPS Engineering S.r.l. An enviable, continuously growing trend, for one single core-business: special gearboxes. A highly specialised training, also directed to designing, advanced monitoring and before and after sale assistance, for a very high profile consulting service.

A lifting for the company brand!
GPS wears new dresses, giving itself a branding in line with the company technical evolution: from the new logo, to its use in commercial documents, to the new web-site.
A rearrangement of the organisational chart
New professional figures are introduced in the company staff, in order to furtherly improve the excellent performed quality..
Software for MRP and warehouse management
GPS Engineering uses a special management software for MRP and warehouse.
No. 5 56 T gearboxes!
GPS Engineering manufactures no. 5 56 T special gearboxes for the sugar industry.
140 T gearbox for rolling stand!
GPS manufactures a 140 T gearbox for a rolling stand of a rolling mill in Italy.
Our 'Stress Box' project starts
The remote monitoring system is launched. This system analyses the machine during the operating processes and records all the data that may affect its performances, avoiding breakdowns and improving performances.
GPS growing in the French market
GPS is particularly growing in the French market in terms of service, assistance and after-sale services.
First order for no. 15 22 T gearboxes
The first order for no. 15 22 T gearboxes for the sugar industry, as well as the supply of a gearbox for rolling lines date back to year 2007. These gearboxes are still in operation without any problems.
'GPS Engineering is established'
G.P.S. Engineering was born in a factory in Legnano, and will become a reference point in the field of special gearboxes.

News from GPS Engineering

These are the most recent news from GPS Engineering. You can access the News section,  to see all the news concerning our world and the world of special gearboxes.