On-site endoscopic inspections of gearboxes

endoscopia diagnostica meccanica

On-site endoscopic inspections of gearboxes

Endoscopy is an advanced diagnostic method that uses a device called a fibre optic endoscope to view the inside of a cavity and obtain precise images of areas otherwise inaccessible to the human eye.
The output, returned in the form of photo and video files, provides a precise analysis of the most unexplored areas of machinery, without the need to dismantle mechanical parts to gain access to them.
The latest generation of endoscopes currently used by our specialised personnel, directly at your premises, are semi-rigid, have a diameter of only 8 millimetres and, thanks to the high diagnostic quality, facilitate early and clear detection of the following variables:

  • degree of wear on gear wheels and bearings
  • presence of various faults within the gearboxes, which may be the cause of malfunctions.


Once the operation has been carried out, complete documentation is issued: an initial verbal feedback on the condition of the gearbox is provided immediately (useful if there is an urgent need for repair work); subsequently, a detailed inspection report on the condition of the analysed machine is drawn up and sent, on the basis of which any salvage and/or replacement of the compromised component can be planned.

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