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Gearboxes ready for delivery

Gearboxes ready for delivery

Many people believe that manufacturers of complex industrial machines, such as special gearboxes, produce their products when the customer requests them. Well, it does happen sometimes to prevent investments from going up to produce goods even when they are not ordered, with the risk of them remaining unsold.
Our customer …

Overhaul and repair of gearboxes and gearmotors

Both standard and special gearboxes are fundamental parts of any industrial plant. It is therefore highly advisable to subject them periodically to a thorough overhaul and subsequent refurbishment, in order to restore their reliability and gradually reduced performance.

The revamping work we carry out on multi-brand gearboxes (as necessary also …

ESST Reims - GPS Special Gearboxes

GPS Engineering at the ESST-VDZ-CONFERENCE in Reims (23-25 May)

We will be attending the 7th edition of the ESST-VDZ-CONFERENCE  (23-25 May) for sugar industry suppliers. The main innovation of GPS Engineering in the field of special gearboxes will be presented to you in our stand. Besides the traditional exhibition area, the event will be packed with thematic conferences, …

endoscopia diagnostica meccanica

On-site endoscopic inspections of gearboxes

Endoscopy is an advanced diagnostic method that uses a device called a fibre optic endoscope to view the inside of a cavity and obtain precise images of areas otherwise inaccessible to the human eye.
The output, returned in the form of photo and video files, provides a precise analysis of …

Ingranaggi e parti ricambio per riduttori

Spare parts always available in stock

Asuccessful business strategy does not end with the design of an accurate product; on the contrary, this is only the first step in the customer care process. In this regard, it has always been our custom to keep a large stock of all the high quality spare parts. In …

Babbini presse, GPS riduttori speciali, la sinergia

Cangialeoni and the synergy between subsidiaries

GPS manufactures special gearboxes for an extremely wide range of product sectors, and is an integral part of Cangialeoni Group , a consolidated holding operating in the metalworking sector that controls as many as 9 industrial companies. Among them is Babbini S.p.A., the undisputed international leader in the production …

Our WEB Site in german language

Over the years GPS Engineering has been constantly growing, landing on the most varied international markets.
To facilitate the use of the topics covered and the technical data sheets of the special gearboxes to new potential customers, we are now offering our WEB site also in German language, at the …