Sadly, Mauro Cangialeoni is no longer with us

La dipartita di Mauro Cangialeoni

Sadly, Mauro Cangialeoni is no longer with us

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Mauro Cangialeoni, founder of the homonymous holding company of which GPS Engineering is an integral part, and share in the grief of his family and all those who, like us, appreciated his rare entrepreneurial and moral gifts on a daily basis. We have lost an old-school man and entrepreneur free from that need to externalise so common among the magnates, real or assumed, of our times; one capable of separating the superfluous from the concrete and, consequently, pursuing his goals ethically and successfully.

Our corporate governance, taken over some time ago by his sons and sons-in-law, with the assistance of their established and trusted managers, will continue unaltered, and therefore with no change to the customary management systems that made the company a success.

The staff of GPS Engineering

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